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Parental engagement resources

Family learning is key to a child’s full experience in school allowing for classroom learning objectives to be brought into the home and for parents and carers to become more involved in what their child is learning and experiencing in school.

We want to encourage families to talk about money at home, to continue building on the learning opportunities children receive in school. LifeSavers seeks to equip teachers and school staff with guidance and practical ideas for engaging parents to actively support their child’s financial education.

How to... Guides

Our How to... Guides are designed to provide schools with guidance and ideas for engaging with families in their community about financial education. The accompanying Quick Start! guides offer a selection of practical ideas and activities for engaging parents and families in financial education at your school.

Quick Start! ideas

Designed to accompany the How to... guides, these Quick Start! ideas offer a selection of practical ideas about how to undertake family engagement within specific areas of school activity; not creating more work for you and your school but maximising the existing opportunities available for family learning.

The Parent Workshop

The Parent Workshop is an opportunity to share with parents and carers the financial education work the children are engaged in through the school’s participation in LifeSavers, and to discuss the importance of financial capability to children’s wellbeing.

The workshop is designed to give parents and carers the confidence to support their child’s learning at home. Resources include a ready-to-use PowerPoint, detailed delivery notes to help you make the most out of the session, and a range of activities to choose from depending on the time available.

The session can be run with parents alone, or with parents and their children together, and lasts 40-60 minutes depending on time available for discussion and active learning.

Workshop Activity files