LifeSavers' birthday newsletter

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LifeSavers is celebrating! We’ve reached our first birthday and my how we’ve grown. Read some of the things we’ve achieved together over the last year, and look ahead to what’s happening this term in the LifeSavers programme.

72 schools in six regions have joined LifeSavers, and over 6,500 pupils have received financial education that will help set them up for a lifetime of saving and spending wisely. We have also trained 80 more schools to start their financial education journey.

A number of these schools are now heading into their second year of participation and are already seeing the benefits for pupils, staff and parents. Read our case study from Worksop Priory School in Nottinghamshire on page 4, to find out about their experience of LifeSavers.

By the end of this academic year we aim to have registered a further 50 schools. With most of the current LifeSavers schools due to launch their school savings clubs this term, there are already over 500 children saving through the programme.

More savers will be signing up this Autumn and setting their own savings goals – with a focus on Christmas saving and spending.

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