Credit unions and Maths Magicians in Nottingham


Fi Belton, a senior teacher at St John the Baptist Primary School in Colwick, Nottingham and the school’s LifeSavers Champion, talks about her experience of taking part in the LifeSavers programme.

“We launched LifeSavers in St John's with an exciting 'Money Week' that the whole school participated in. As well as a visit from a 'maths magician', there was a special assembly, where we were joined by the Manager of Nottingham Credit Union, and a school competition to design our savings club logo.

Six children were picked to run the savings club with the help of three adult volunteers including our local vicar! The children's enthusiasm for the scheme has been infectious. One of first junior savers brought his form back to school saying that his mum also wanted to join the credit union, so we can already see the potential impact of LifeSavers on our whole school community.

Teaching staff have completed their training and are using the curriculum linked financial education resources in their classes. I can see how LifeSavers will have a big impact on the children at St John's."