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Early intervention in financial education is key to developing positive behaviours and attitudes in relation to money. In an increasingly complex financial world, it is more important than ever to develop the financial capability of children from a young age, and to equip teachers and parents with the confidence and knowledge to engage children in learning about money.

Our values-based approach to financial education explores what it means to be wise, generous, just and thankful with our money, recognising that attitudes are as important as knowledge and skills in shaping financial behaviour.

LifeSavers is a unique programme for primary schools offering a whole school approach that provides:

  • Resources and training for teachers to embed financial education into the school curriculum
  • Support for school savings clubs to give children a practical experience of handling money
  • A whole community approach that involves parents, credit unions and others in helping children learn about money

Combining these elements enables meaningful classroom learning to be put into practice through participation in a savings club, with the active support of parents and other community organisations

Teachers say that LifeSavers has improved their skills to deliver financial education

(85% of teachers responding to recent survey)

Schools say that participation in LifeSavers savings clubs helps embed classroom learning

(89% of schools responding to a recent survey)

Parents and children say that LifeSavers is helping them talk about money at home

(13% increase at KS1 and 19% increase at KS2)

We need to get in there early to increase knowledge, understanding and form good habits. This is so important that it should be the responsibility of the education system to embed financial education into its curriculum and to be a natural part of school life – it is our job to prepare pupils for the future and all the challenges it brings, and money is one of the biggest ones.
— Headteacher
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Where we work

Thanks to the generous support of Virgin Money, we are able to offer in-school support to help primary schools embed financial education into the curriculum and set up savings clubs. Currently this support is available in the following regions:

  • London Boroughs of Westminster, Camden, Lambeth, Southwark, Lewisham and Bromley

  • Nottinghamshire

  • Bradford

  • Leeds

  • Liverpool and the Wirral

  • Bristol

  • Gloucestershire

  • Northumberland and Tyne & Wear

Places are limited so Register your interest now to find out if your school is eligible for this support.


Case Studies

Discover the impact that LifeSavers has had on schools, teachers and children in Key Stage 1 & 2.

Why LifeSavers?

LifeSavers was developed to address a critical gap in the delivery of financial education in England. Evidence shows that children are already developing habits around money by the age of 7 yet, although the APPG on Financial Education for Young People is calling for statutory financial education in primary schools, there is currently no statutory duty for primary schools to teach financial education. In addition, recent reports from the Money Advice Service reveal that less than a third of parents talk to their children about money.

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We are passionate about providing opportunities for children to learn how to manage money wisely and equipping teachers to deliver high quality financial education.

Although there are other ways for schools to engage with financial education, LifeSavers offers an embedded approach: we train teachers and support schools to deliver financial education in an impactful and sustainable way. LifeSavers can help schools achieve a number of learning outcomes in the national curriculum, demonstrating the broad and balanced curriculum Ofsted and SIAMS inspections require.  

LifeSavers was inspired by the work of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s task group on responsible credit and saving and developed by Church Urban Fund and the Church of England. It will reach 120 schools by the end of 2018 with a further 250 schools receiving free CPD training.



Our evaluation (November 2018) has been produced by Public Perspectives, an independent social research and evaluation organisation, specialising in working with the public and charitable sectors.

I remember talking in assembly about things like being wise about money and being generous. I used to waste my money, but now I’m trying to be more sensible and save it... I’m saving for my holiday and I want to treat my younger brother.
— Jonathan, aged 5
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LifeSavers is an initiative from Just Finance Foundation delivered in partnership with Young Money, with financial support from Virgin Money and the Government.